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How much should I budget for an ERP or How much would it cost?

  • Few businesses have complete manual processes using word & excel or have very minimal digitization such as tally, sales and purchase system or inventory system, etc. In this case we need to calculate the cost of software or license prices of each software per year, Investments on Hardware & IT Setup, maintenance of servers, annual cost of skilled employees dedicated to work on Hardware and Software, downtime or employee absence cost incurred, and most important is if my current software application can be modified and upgraded with my growing business.
  • Calculating all these minimal factors or resources and time, the total annual cost will easily go more than 10 lakhs. This is still a lower consideration. The same will go in crores if have own data center on premise. Based on the above cost calculations, it should be now easy to budget for ERP System. And ProERP is so cost effective that you really don’t have to think budgeting. You just have to start using it. The ProERP system gives you all that freedom with no infrastructure cost, zero maintenance cost, very minimal implementation, setup, training and customization cost, “Pay annually and hence no heavy upfront investments”.

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