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Can you give overview / background of ProERP, its Goals and Vision?

  • The concept of ProERP started in 2014 with the vision to provide an ERP or a Digital solution to manage critical but crucial business information of each and every business, small or medium or even the large enterprises. WE didn’t wanted to be “One in the Crowded ERP Market” hence on lot of research, specifically with the companies that resisted from going digital, we found the reasons for the same and this is how we started developing the product leveraging the features and simplicity of Google Technology. We had some goals and vision in mind before we started.
  • The first goal was “Business Digitization” that will help all traditional methods transform digitally with Digital India concept in mind.
  • Second was “ERP for ALL” means ERP should not be only for larger organizations but also for small and medium sized businesses who resisted to use ERP due many reasons.
  • Third was to “Keep It Simple & Smart (KISS)” as not all users would be tech savvy and not all businesses may want to invest huge training cost and time.
  • Fourth, to facilitate to access your business data “Anywhere-Anytime-AnyDevice” so you carry your business with you.
  • Last but not the least was about Scalability. ERP should be scalable from 1 user to 1 million user using same system, same or upgraded technology, on a click of a button.

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