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Can we buy module wise instead of all ProERP Modules?

  • ERP Software is actually an INTEGRATED SYSTEM for any business where all the department functionalities are linked and synced with each other. So functionally or even technically it is not possible to provide ERP module wise; then it’s not an ERP.
  • Rather we believe business admin person can set permissions to users on which module or which part of the system to give access (User Access Control of ERP). This way you can control on what to use and what not to use with the checks on integrated part of the system.
  • ProERP vision is not to limit on functionalities, rather make maximum use of the facilities that are provided in a very cost effective manner. Rather most of our customers have started using all modules slowly as they saw the results on their priority modules.
  • Lastly, ProERP charge mainly for usage and not for the software of the modules hence it is not priced module wise as cannot be separated and subscribed.

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